basilica in caelo

by trans-syberia

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    Photography by Sam Mitchell




trans-syberia is an epic of fantastical proportions, of skying measures, of urgency, of bravery, of hope, of devastation, of everything

the characters are many, the players great, the acts upon acts of story, the lives that are involved, the dreams, the aspirations, all centeral upon the hearts and souls and eyes and mind and spirits of a distant, cold, determined young man by the name of markus stratford and a beautiful, energetic, hopeful and faithful princess lilka-saevara galicova

the locales stretch across an entire world, from the small-town vibe of kranis to the desolate plains of syberia itself to the beautiful serene gardens of angelou

the musicians involved are diverse and intent. a dreaming starry-eyed young man named dan evans sings of these events, attempting to summorize the complex histories of the lands of this world and bring them to life, playing simplistic chords upon his lute. the soaring melodies and mournful cries eminating from the instrument of a quiet, determined young man named christian newman seemingly defy the bounderies of any style, evoking the cries of warriors upon the battlefield, the sounds of airships soaring high above the plains. the stubborn, vibrant theoretical master nick corn keeps the timbre of his deep notes below the notes above him, yet not being slave to the stylings of the other, never fearing to forge his own, complex voicings, such deep melodies the sound of the earth itself, the rumblings of the mountains and of the mighty engines. on top of this rests the sounds of these mythical lands, the hubub of the streets, the desperation of the mountians, the mourning of despair of the characters, and yet their triumph, as mike evans presses colored keys to their bases on his piano. and resting at its core, the driving, powerful beats of tanner dube become the life-force of this chorus line, the heartbeat of the music and of the notes and of the melodies and chords, and thus becomes the heartbeat of the story itself.

the songs number twenty-and-four, divided by the geography that divides the events they speak of.

kranis- overture-the river cobalt-under the mark-eastern sky

west syberia- the pass of scalla and adrianne's shield-lilka's dreams-riders from hell-static over the intercom-the escape-a light in the air


east syberia- sunburst-morning-traveling/pancakes-the secrets of angelou

the mountians-shadegrove copse-the vanishing-the wall

angelou- three circles-the gate and the mermorial-three triangles

home- to the ends of the world-the return- fin

through the course of these segments, the true nature of the struggle at the heart of the more epic conflict becomes clear. something is revealed... something more painful and more devastating than anything else, yet something more hopeful and beautiful and loving than all of the world. if this is to be found, the journey must be undertaken. and if you are to do that, you must be ready for sacrifice, for battle, for hunger, for thirst, for pain, and for the joy and celebration that awaits in your own return.

the ending does not matter. the journey is what is real.


released September 29, 2007

Dan Evans
Nick Corn
Christian Newman
Tanner Dube
Mike Evans

mixed and mastered by Cameron Kerr at Habilis Records, Missoula, MT




Daniel and the Dragon Missoula, Montana

Music by Dan Evans.

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