Bone Digger (angels of state) SINGLE

by Daniel and the Dragon

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Bone Digger, promotional single from the album Educacion.


released August 6, 2013

Mastered by Matt Lynch, Mysterious Mammal Records, LLC




Daniel and the Dragon Missoula, Montana

Music by Dan Evans.

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Track Name: Bone Digger (angels of state) SINGLE
You've been recorded, can't you take it in stride?
We know you've called her just a million times.
So when she's sleeping, yeah, we creep in her room,
whisper betrayal while she's dreaming of you.
So get me the President, I know he's on the other line....

So if you're listening, please start doing your job.
He was a good boy until her love was gone.
And I'm further inland when he drives to her home,
breaks through the window while she's sleeping all alone.
So Mr. President, can we please get a detail there?

Well I'm no friend of the Bone Digger,
never been said, please note the difference.
You can't even start to bring me down,
ain't never be enough to bring me down anyways.
Find me a priest of the hokey pokey,
I'll make my match on the market.
Baby you still find a way to let me down, down.

So get me the President.

We believe we should know:
why this mess? Not your bed....
We don't care, no excuse,
something wrong with his head.

We all know, you can't hide.

I'm no beau of the byte miner
took my chance when I got it.
Baby you still find a way to let me down, down.

And we'll always love you, yeah, wherever you are...
We'll keep you safe, dear, as we watch from afar.
All that we ask you is you give us your all.
Give into me before I leave in the fall....

So Mr. President, don't you think that we're sick of lies?