Disconnecter, First Edition

by Disconnecter

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The visual manifestation of Disconnecter is an artist's rendition generated by Gretchen Allen.


released January 1, 2012

Daniel Evans- Guitars, Vocals, Programming
Nick Darwin Corn- Bass
Zachary Watkins-Bauer- Vocals
Geoff Thomas- Drums
Zach Thiessen- Guitars
Jeremy Meine- Guitars
Kris Brown- Guitars on "AMALGAMATION"
Erik Kappelman- Guitars on "AMALGAMATION"




Daniel and the Dragon Missoula, Montana

Music by Dan Evans.

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Track Name: Furious Children
Not to cut him out, you won’t. Not to push her through, you won’t.
“I think I am the third.”
Rejoice, rejoice, it’s over, it’s over, you’re free.
(unintelligible) of most everything, JUSTNOTHER.
Track Name: "Gathering"
Cerebellum, don’t you mean his heart?
We are slowly interceding.
(first signal)
GATHERING We found the parting of the cold in which we operate the seams.
GATHERING We combed the corridors of Disconnecter , waiting to be free.
We watch you from the wings. We are the saving grace.
Inside the belly of the sins that threaten here to eat you whole, or in the network of the manufactured, here to take her Home.
Even if they take it, We will sing.
Forget where you came from, We’re all you could need.
Track Name: [3] Days in the Belly of a Whale
You call them all off, You lock the plug door.
“I see my admiral you don’t give a fuck.”
You call them all down, the bands don’t play at all, it’s silent in the middle of the night. So come and behold her: the fluid is warm. It is, it’s in my body. And come and behold her, the waiting is over.
Even hidden in the instruments I feel Your saving presence.
It’s colder if you (unintelligible) the night.
Track Name: Chernobyl, Part 1
When the admiral arrived he dug through your arteries pulled out the plaque with its plasma defenses made hast through your ventricles veered through the chambers and searched for a cure to what makes you seem dead ANDTHEBOYINTHECENTERIASKEDHIMTOLEAVEWHILEIRENTEDTHESTUDIOAPARTMENTUPSTAIRS
There is so much confusion tell me what is happening something has poisoned the water supply radiation is leaking out all of your beautiful complex discretions that only I hear ANDTHEBOYINTHECENTERTRANSMITSTWENTYFOURSEVENWHITENOISEERRUPTINGANDCONSUMINGBREAKINGDOWNFALLINGOUTGIVINGUP (unintelligible)
You pulled off the wheels to start going places but somehow cement blocks don’t let you go far I ran to the building where you went to school…(unintelligible)
Again why don’t you stop why don’t you end this why don’t you end everything?
Track Name: Render (Section 5)
AWAKETOTHEDARKTHECORRIDOR water rushing in through the hole ABLOWTOTHEHEADTHESIREN water rushing in all the things when you were young no you won’t see them no more they buried them alone in the fluid black. “And now I see the screen and focus on the point of entry into a foreign vessel.”
IWANTTHESAMEIDIDBEFOREIWANTTHESAME. Can you hear the static? “No I can’t feel a thing.” Deep in concentration, blacking out.
Waves crashing lungs caving in blood cooling eyes only seeing you holding me under heart stopping it goes the same and now crashing lungs needing air blood rupture eyes only seeing you holding me under heart breaking
“I don’t know the origin but I will find the cure to this new thing inside your body.”
But can you hear the static, We can’t feel a thing, Imposter, we’ll call you.
Track Name: Tabris*
Track Name: Disconnecter (Section 5)
Lights go on in her head are there seven? We made ghosts three in all they are singing We took him in.
…he died in pain sea of dirac please be patient let me talk I need to see you I need to feel you when its over we will sing of ancient secrets its there across the street who am I to say these things? We are the same.
Maybe we do, maybe we don’t, maybe we will.
Track Name: Chernobyl, Part 2
It’s not so bad, It’s different than you think.
…you will never see the look on my face, I park by the road and stare at the freeway exit, I don’t think We can drive anymore, I walk through the door, I turn all the lights off (unintelligible), I know I can’t win, you’re far away from here and lately he is all you want.
And I am not.